Tankerservice Hoogvliet
Tankerservice Hoogvliet
Schrijnwerkerstraat 13
3194 AE Hoogvliet
+31 (0)10 47 200 11 - info@tsh.nl


The piping of a tank lorry and tank semi-trailer is precision work where no mistakes should be made. In case of errors, the consequences are incalculable. We have been carrying out such work successfully since the 1980s.

Replacing piping

Due to changes in your company or, for example, regulations, it is sometimes necessary to replace the piping of a tank. In our workshop we are able to realize the most advanced piping on your tank.

Piping modification

If your vehicle is only suitable for free fall discharge, the piping can for example be adjusted to pump discharge and free fall. Furthermore, any modification is possible if desired.

Pipework repair

Broken piping on a tanker should be replaced soon. Because you want to be on the road again with your tanker quickly, we can quickly pick up this work for you. As a result, your tanker will be at a standstill for a minimum of time.

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  • Our standard 
    Machining of aluminum, stainless steel and steel.
  • Certified
    NEN-EN-ISO 9001:2015 and RDW.
  • Need a new tank trailer?
    We can help you with that as well