Tankerservice Hoogvliet
Tankerservice Hoogvliet
Schrijnwerkerstraat 13
3194 AE Hoogvliet
+31 (0)10 47 200 11 - info@tsh.nl



Length 12.450 mm
Width 2550 mm        
Torque height1.240 / 1.200 mm
WeightsFor12.000 KG
  Behind27.000 KG
  Total39.000 KG
  Empty4.500 KG  1x 20' central / 2x 20' / 1x 30' / 1x 40'
Clutch2" SAE 
Support feetJost Module with Swing Plate / 2 speeds
Axle set BPW - SAF Intraax - MB DCA
  Axis distance 20' - 1310-1410
  Lifting / Lowering valve
  1st axis elevator
  3 fixed axes / Hub concentration
  6 Alcoa / Tunaverken alloy disc wheels
  Tires 385/65/R22.5 Bridgestone M748
  KM counter mechanical center right
Brakes Disc brakes / Drum brakes
  Compressed air 2 Circuits EG valves - All WABCO
  Torque hands ISO 1728
  Parking brake / Spring brake cylinders (WABCO)
  EBS / RSS - 2S/2M
  6.5 Bar at 27 tons on type plate Brake diagram deceleration 52%
  Aluminum Air Boilers (Black sprayed)
LightingAccording to Dutch law
  2x 7 PLG. / 15 pole socket for / European connected
  Wiring ADR
  License plate lighting centrally located
  Full Aspock lighting
Other No spare wheel holder
  No shaft tools
  2 2 Wheel chocks yellow plastic
  RDW approved with license plate / ADR certificate
  6 plastic mudguards / Full width rear diffuser / Front 20' spigot diffuser
  Doc.tube PVC red mounted inside against right side wall toolbox
  Stairs right / left rear and rear mounted
  Earth strip and earth reel
  Rear bumper L+R
  ADR plate rear / Vertical folding on 3 strips against bumper
  Stainless steel rear drip tray
  Slangkokers 3x 160mm / 1x 200mm / Length 6 mtr.
  Sealing hosegkokers on front and back stainless steel valve with leakage gutter  
  Stainless steel toolbox / 950x500x450 with gas springs
  Fire extinguisher in plastic case / 6 kg. extinguisher
PaintingNeutral galvanized


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  • Our standard 
    Machining of aluminum, stainless steel and steel.
  • Certified
    NEN-EN-ISO 9001:2015 and RDW.
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    We can help you with that as well